Pay with crypto fast, securely with Ajira Pay

A Multichain Decentralized Web3 Protocol For Secure and Seamless Crypto Payments And Real-Time Asset Streaming/Transfers.

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Ajira Pay Finance Ecosystem

We offer a set of crypto payment tools and integrations including crypto payment streaming to aid your smooth transition into Web3 payments with your business.

Crypto payments for everyone's usecase

Pay salaries and bonuses in crypto

Easily manage your employee payment profile, send them payments in crypto while at the same time tracking your expenses through our analytics dashboard.

We also offer payment streaming that you can take advantage of to stream your payments to your employees.

Set up crypto invoices and receive crypto payments from your clients with Ajira Pay

Create invoices in just a few clicks and start receiving crypto from your clients.

You can also use our streaming service to receive your pay from your clients and as well pay for services rendered to you.

Integrate our APIs and SDK to send and receive crypto effortlessly

Check out our API and SDK documentations once launched and get to know how to send and receive crypto with Ajira Pay with just a few lines of code.

Set up payment streams, buttons and links to start sending and receiving donations in crypto

No third parties, payments handled by smart contracts on the blockchain with fast and secure transactions.

Accept crypto payments on your website with our e-commerce plugins

Increase your revenue by tapping into our crypto payment plugins onto your website in simple steps.

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"We are a dedicated team of professionals in the blockchain industry leveraging on the power of blockchain technology and decentralization to democratize digital finance. Join us today."


What is Ajira Pay Finance?

We are a Multichain Decentralized Web3 protocol for secure and seamless crypto payments. We are the bridge between crypto holders and small scale businesses or enterprises that would like to accept crypto payments from their clients or even pay their employees in crypto currency.

We have rolled out a real-time token streaming and vesting infrastructure for onchain teams on KAVA EVM, Linea Mainnet, Polygon POS and Arbitrum One blockchains to enable crypto projects, DAOs,employers, employees, freelancers, investors pay and get paid in crypto in real-time via token streaming and as well, manage their token distributions seamlessly.

As an early adopter of the token streaming and vesting platform, you earn $preAJP, claimable at any given time and shall be redeemable after a successful $AJP launch, a process that we will kickstart in Q1 2024.

Is it safe?

Yes. We are a Non-Custodial platform and you therefore have total control of your crypto assets. Our smart contracts are subjected to a vigorous audit process by our partners.

What coins are supported?

Our major focus is on payments with stablecoins but we also support a wide range of ERC20 tokens.

Do I need coding knowledge to use this product?

No. Our user-friendly platform that does not necessarily require you to have much technical knowledge of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Is there a way to become a community member?

Yes. Please join us on discord, telegram and follow us on twitter and linkedin to get more periodic updates on our announcements, events and reward programs.

Do you have a token?

Yes. Ajira Pay Finance($AJP) is the platform's native token. $AJP is an OFT(Omnichain Fungible Token) powered by the powerful Layerzero cross-chain messaging and will be available in most EVMs via the Stargate Finance bridge.

Voting Escrow AJP($veAJP) is our non-transferable, time-weighted governance token that forms the unit of voting power on the Ajira Pay Finance platform.

$veAJP can only be obtained by staking or locking $AJP in order to participate in governance.

Prior to the official launch of the native $AJP token, we have $preAJP, (Pre Ajira Pay Finance) that is used to incentize our early adopters.

preAJP is currently available on the KAVA EVM blockchain and can be claimed at any given time but will be redeemable on a 1:1 ratio for $AJP after a successful $AJP launch, a process that we will kickstart in Q2 later 2024.

$preAJP is earned by platform participants when creating real-time token streams and token vesting schedules.

Please note that both AJP and veAJP are not yet launched and please be aware of any scams out there using our branch name for fraudulent purposes.

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